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On this page, please find links to some of my previous work and projects.

ChatClass is an AI-backed EdTech startup that is transforming the English learning sector through Artificial Intelligence. During my internship, I conducted bilingual market research for ChatClass's growth team to identify optimal pathways for ChatClass's business strategies and product direction, and I also translated their website and AI modules from Portuguese to English.  

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Over the past six years, I have helped hundreds of students improve their English skills and learn about the college application process. I am not currently accepting students from the above link; please fill out the contact form to learn more.

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As an author for Harvard College Children's Stories, I developed and wrote two personalized, bilingual children's books for children in underserved communities worldwide and in the local Boston community. My second book, Naomi's Garden, was illustrated by Una Choi.

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During my research fellowship, I developed key functions in MATLAB to analyze the feasibility of ancient human migration from Sunda to Sahul and utilized advanced ocean current modeling to verify accurate predictions. [Paper is currently in-progress.]

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